Our goal is to help men with:

•Family • Preparation • Abandonment • Identity • Hopelessness 

• Validation •Anger • Integrity • Communication • Providing 

Some of the devastation of fatherless homes

  • 73% of all incarcerated males come from fatherless homes

  • 63% of all youth suicides come from fatherless homes

  • 71% of all dropouts come from fatherless homes

  • 50% of all incarcerated women come from fatherless homes

  • 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes

  • 54% of all children from fatherless homes are poorer than their father

  • 65% of teen pregnancies occur as a result of absentee fathers

Effects on fatherless children

  • 77% greater risk of being physically abused

  • 87% greater risk by being harmed by physical neglect

  • 80% greater risk of suffering serious injury as a result of abuse

  • 120% greater risk of being endangered by some type of child abuse

Statistics provided by National Fatherhood Initiative

Daddy Academy has been developed for the purpose of addressing issues facing today’s man in a knowledgeable, real, and uncut manner.  Our wives, fiancées, children, brothers, and sisters need us to man up, put in work, and regain our posture of servant-hood, strength, and noble conduct.

You desire this as well. It’s time!

Dad-E Academy: Building Men of Character for Our Time

We are in monumental times.  There is a great need for strong, uncompromising men and fathers of courage.  Many guys have lacked the fathering that is essential for success.  Without a positive example of what it is to be a man, guys are adrift.  This can lead to frustration, anger, promiscuity, and violence.  Many role models encourage guys to seek pleasure and praise for themselves alone.  This self-centered attitude is then passed on to their children.  This cycle can stop with you.  We need to be reminded that we are designed to serve, teach, protect, and care for our families.  We are to walk in honesty, integrity, and accountability.  We are to be the man we respect in others.  You can be that man.  We can help.   – Otto Kelly


Lead by Otto Kelly the Daddy Academy Program for men will address fatherhood and family issues.  Otto is the Executive Director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center. He has been married for over 30 years and has two adult sons.

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